PolyPhonia is an artistic/cultural society, founded in 1996. Society’s actions concern anything relative with the artistic research and praxis in coordination with the Greek and European trends. The last years, special focus has been given on the support and promotion of various ensembles in Greece and abroad, on CD releases, and on various publications.

The mission and the objectives of the Society are:

a) Development and promotion of the Greek cultural education (music, visual arts, theatre, etc.), in coordination with current European trends by any suitable means.

b) Collaboration with music ensembles and other art groups in Greece and abroad, as well as with single artists.

c) Rendering artistic aid to public or private art organizations which serve the goals of the Society as to the better international promotion of Greek and European art.

d) Organizing seminars/lectures/publications and other artistic activities that may contribute to the Society’s goals.

The PolyPhonia society took his name from the homonymous music ensemble PolyPhonia, which was the first had the society’s support. Nowadays, PolyPhonia society supports the artistic activity and any form of production of the following music ensembles in Greece and abroad:

– Armoghi: Professional ensemble for Greek traditional music

– Melos: Byzantine Choir

– Cantus: Choir for romantic and contemporary music

– Echo: Instrumental-vocal jazz ensemble