The Hellenic Renaissance: FRANGHISKOS LEONTARITIS, Vol. 1

cd1 200Mass for six voices: Missa Je Prens En Grez
Motets for five voices:
Ave sanctissima Maria (instrumental)
In die tribulationis
Jesu redemptor (secunda pars, instrumental)
In Te Domine speravi
Ad Dominum cum tribularer (instrumental)
Deus, Deus meus


Missa Je Prens En Grez
This mass by Leondaritis was found copied – very artistically – by the French-Flemish Jean Pollet, official secretary to the choir of the duke of Bavaria. According to Dr. Graham Dixon it is exemplary in terms of technique and, like the previous “Missa super aller mi faut,” it is parodic: that is, the basic melody (theme) used comes from some famous secular song of the time beginning with the words “Je prens en grez”. It should be noted here that musicological research has not yet determined exactly the source of that song. Clemens non Papa and Clement Jannequin have written songs using these same words but not the particular theme that appears in the mass.


The motets I, III, V were interpreted with renaissance instruments by professional musicians collaborated with PolyPhonia.