The Hellenic Renaissance: FRANGHISKOS LEONTARITIS, Vol. 2

cd3 200Mass for six voices: Missa Super Aller Mi Faut
Motets for five voices:
Ad Te levavi (instrumental)
Exaudi Domine
Cantate Domino (instrumental)
Da pacem Domine
Laetare Hierusalem (instrumental)
Jesu redemptor (prima pars)
O Rex gloriae (voice and instruments)
Levavi oculos meos


Missa Super Aller Mi Faut
This mass by Leondaritis was found copied – very artistically – by the French-Flemish Jean Pollet , official secretary to the choir of the duke of Bavaria. According to Dr. Graham Dixon, it is the earliest and, like the subsequent “Missa super je prens en grez”, it is parodic: that is, its basic melody (theme) comes from a popular secular song of the time beginning with the words “Aller mi faut”. The full title of the song, as G.Dixon ascertained, is “Aller mi faut sur la vendure” by Clement Jannequin and was printed for the first time in 1528. The same lyrics were later set to music by Jacques Arcadelt.

The selection of motets appearing in this CD comes from Leondaritis’ second collection of motets for five voices, printed in 1566 in Venice and autographed by the composer. The motets I, III, V, VII were interpreted with renaissance instruments by professional musicians collaborated with PolyPhonia.