The Hellenic Renaissance: FRANGHISKOS LEONTARITIS, Vol. 1 (1997)

“His (F. Leontaritis’) subtle and imaginative music sheds valuable light on the Italian inheritance in Crete during this period, and these recordings are something of which PolyPhonia may be justly proud.”

Goldberg (Issue 9, November 1999)


“The new Greek vocal ensemble «PolyPhonia» interprets Leontaritis’ vocal works with virtuosity comparable to that of great foreign ensembles, showing off the style and the sophisticated richness of the music with sensibility and fidelity. The recording is a world premiére.”

Sunday Eleftherotipia (05/25/1997)


“Thanks to Nikos Kotrokois, the ensemble «PolyPhonia» and FM Records S.A., we are at last able to hear this Greek musician’s work, which seems comparable to western composers’ most significant creations. … The excellent recording, realized in the Holy Abbey of St. Josef in Athens, besides its national importance, constitutes the fuit of meticulous work: the ensemble «PolyPhonia» interprets Leontaritis’ music with sensibility and precious sound as well as the appropriate delight, in the absence of which similar works would seem nothing more than valuable exhibits of a distant world now fallen into oblivion.” [*****]

Sound and HI-FI Magazine (May1997)


“ … an extremely interesting recording … Recently, however, the Greek vocal ensemble «PolyPhonia», founded in 1994, have include Leontaritis’ works in their repertory and started to present them with high quality standards. … The Greek singers, accompanied by six instrumental soloists, approach the renaissance repertory based on the short but essential experience of their live performances, interpreting its rich, melismatic polyphony with ease and precision.”

Eleftherotipia (06/03/1997)


“Nikos Kotrokois offers music-lovers the chance to discover F. Leontaritis. Nikos Kotrokois focused his musical activities, as well as that of his music ensemble «PolyPhonia», on Franghiskos Leontaritis’ work. Their interpretation is full of decorum, elegance, insight and devotion.”

Difono (July 1997)


Translation: G. Kyriazes – A. Prospathopoulos