The Hellenic Renaissance: FRANGHISKOS LEONTARITIS, Vol. 2 (2001)

“Nikos Kotrokois, founder and director of the vocal ensemble «PolyPhonia», which had the great honor, as well as the great responsibility, of presenting the premier recording of the unique Greek composer of the Renaissance, has studied – as it was necessary – Leontaritis’s work in depth; and with these recordings, full of meaning and substance, he also expresses in practice his esteem for the ingenious artistic spirit impregnating these works.”

Kathimerini (04/14-15/2001)


“Kotrokois has worked with patience, persistence and mastery in order to show off and highlight Leontaritis’ work. The detailed elaboration of the music and the meticulous work of the vocal and music ensemble «PolyPhonia» is recorded with fidelity on the disk. The balance of the voices, as well as that of the instruments, allows the formation of the sound masses with plasticity as well as refinement.”


Sound and HI-FI Magazine (May 2001)



“This sublime recording (of 1997) was happily succeeded by the new recording, Volume 2, recently released on the same label. Therefore, we owe our greatest thanks, as music-lovers and Greeks, to N. Kotrokois and the singers and musicians of PolyPhonia for the exquisite interpretation they gave us. … In addition, the direction of conductor and composer Nikos Kotrokois is exemplary through all works.

Well, I venture to characterize both Volumes (1 and 2) as equal to the excellent recordings of the memorable Reflexe series (reference releases of medieval and renaissance music in 70’s and 80’s) and I congratulate from heart all the contributors.”

Jazz & Τζαζ (May 2001)


“Resuming their previous high performances, the vocal and instrumental ensemble «PolyPhonia» under the direction of Nikos Kotrokois offers Greek music a bridge of contact, as well as a historical basis of dialogue with its European counterpart.”

Eleftherotipia (30/06/2001)


Translation: G. Kyriazes – A. Prospathopoulos